What is Grey Water?

Grey Water is made up of bath, shower, bathroom sink and washing machine water. An average household (family of 4) will use between 300-400 liters of re-usable water on a daily basis. The residues, soaps etc in the water (in diluted quantities) can provide useful sulphates and nitrates which some experts say is more beneficial than clean tap water. It is advisable to use biodegradable products in the washing machine. The average suburban garden accounts for about 35% of domestic water consumption.
Advantages of Using Grey Water

• Lower fresh water usage
• Less strain on septic tank
• Grey Water has effective nutrients for plant life
• Ground water recharge
• Cost effective, up to 80% of waste re-used
• Avoid penalties on water restrictions
• Connect to existing irrigation

• Below ground system
• Submersible or standard pump system
• Float switch or timer systems
• Storage tanks from 240 Litres up to 5000 Litres
• Durable non-corrosive Polyethylene containers
• Water pumped into irrigation systems for gardens
• Irrigation for gardens
Rain water tanks supplied and installed

This system is capable of irrigating a large area of up to 500 square meters, and is for a residential dwelling. This system is also designed around distributing the water within 24 hours. If the water is distributed within 24 hours it is free of odours and requires very little maintenance.

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